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Wi-Fi 6E is coming: Here’s what it means for you

Wi-Fi 6 hardware making its way to the market, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced an improve to the standard. Dubbed Wi-Fi 6E, the upgraded networking standard has been designed to make use of the unlicensed 6GHz spectrum. Unsure what meaning?Let us explain.Connected devices have become extremely comm...Read More

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Dated : 2020-11-13 11:51:41

Power up your Wi-Fi with a TP-Link AC1900 Smart Router

Not all routers are created equal. Some do a lot more than simply broadcast Wi-Fi around your home. After all, a family of three has different internet needs than a family of six. You can discover just how helpful a router can be with the TP-Link AC1900 Smart Router, and save 20% on the retail price...Read More

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Dated : 2020-11-11 10:51:41