Xperia 1 II is a silly name that absolutely sums up Sony's phone woes

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So then, the Xperia 1 II.Wow, that's a silly name.Sony wants me, you, and the rest of the world to name its latest flagship the "Xperia 1 Mark 2. " The logic, and I use that word very evenly, is that consumers will appreciate the "Mark" format from Sony's rightly beloved Alpha camera series. Also, Roman numerals are cool and add gravitas, right?

The problem, in fact, is that the Japanese firm has ostensibly named its new phone the Xperia 1 2 (buckle my shoe), which looks and sounds flat out ridiculous. You can tell Sony is concerned about this too, as it's emphasizing that it's mentioned "Mark Two" in all of its press materials in big bold letters.

Unfortunately, here's far from the first time Sony has bungled its branding and it surely won't be the last as it struggles to define an identification for its increasingly directionless cellphone commercial.worst named phones of all-time and Sony's latest would not even crack the honorable mentions.What we've as an alternative is a case of "I see what you were going with, but no. Just no." I can't decide which I dislike more, but Sony's strategy is about on par with the harebrained decimal point system HMD Global uses for its Nokia phones. Sure, both work in theory as an alternative choice to counting from one upwards, but once in a while it's better to keep things simple.Related: Sony Xperia 1 II specs: 5G, super-smooth exhibit, and a beefy camera

However, Sony's latest moniker mishap is the most recent in a long line of inadvertently dumb or flat out confusing designations. Looking back, Sony's run of flagships from the Xperia Z1 to the Xperia Z5 was its golden streak in terms of naming conventions… if you ignore the undeniable fact that its drugs were also dubbed Xperia Z with "Tablet" slapped on the top, but let's not go there.Things took a dire turn in 2016, though.After years of diminishing returns with dull "Omnibalance" contraptions, Sony rebooted its telephone commercial with a new look under the guise of the X series.The first phone out of the gates was the Xperia X, an underwhelming mid-ranger priced like a flagship killer. For the real flagship, you needed the Xperia X Performance, except the small battery and lowly RAM meant it couldn't live up to its own name let alone match the might of the Samsung Galaxy">Editor's Pick

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Following scathing reviews, Sony went back to the drafting board to design proper top-tier phones. But what to call them?Start once more with the X1 or maybe X2?Well, no. What we basically got was three phones in the distance of five months: the Xperia XZ, the Xperia XZs, and the Xperia XZ Premium. Not confusing at all.

Sony's entry- to mid-tier phones could not escape its bizarro nomenclature either. In 2017, in what's now a weird mirror of the Galaxy S20 series, Sony dropped the Xperia XA1, Xperia XA1 Plus, and Xperia XA1 Ultra. Ignoring the unusual specs that left the larger Ultra phone with a far smaller battery than the Plus, there was at the least some semblance of consistency, but why did we need that extra X?The Xperia A1 would've been just fine!

The Xperia XZ1 followed the XZ range (mercifully, there was no Xperia XZs1) and Sony stuck with that style until the Xperia XZ3. After a few years of alphabetical anarchy, the letter-letter-number format someway seemed palatable. But in hindsight, this was still a ludicrously clumsy attempt from Sony to prevent an immutable undeniable fact that most preschoolers grasp at a comparatively early age: there are no more letters after Z.

The Xperia 1 was the perfect answer to years of mishandled branding. . . until it wasn't.What makes all of this even worse is that Sony effortlessly exorcized its naming woes at MWC 2019 with the launch of the Xperia 1.It was ideal. Xperia 1 told you every little thing you needed to know. This is the greatest Sony flagship — the only, the only.But Sony being Sony, it had to shoot itself in the foot by also saying the Xperia 10 series to boot. Any hope of a clean run of sequentially numbered phones was already in tatters. Then Sony released the Sony Xperia 5 in late 2019 and put a bullet into the other foot just to make sure.

And now we have not the Xperia 2, however the Xperia 1 II. To make matters even worse, the Xperia 1 isn't even Sony's best phone anymore. That honor goes to the Xperia Pro, and just for a second, I are looking to truly give Sony some credit here because unlike the 49,364 other phones introduced during the last twelve months with Pro in the name, the Xperia Pro is exactly that: a phone designed for experts. Good job, Sony.PlayStation (maybe even Bravia if you are feeling beneficiant). They all have a transparent identity and legacy. Xperia does not, and until it does, Sony will proceed to sink further into irrelevancy in the ultra-aggressive smartphone market.Editor's Pick

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Like so many Sony phones over the past few years, the Xperia 1 II has all the being concerned hallmarks of yet an alternative Android flagship from an OEM that appears content material to tread water indefinitely. While other OEMs are carving out niches — Samsung in design and innovation, Google in AI smarts, Huawei in camera hardware, OnePlus' great value flagship killers — Sony's phones are the definition of vanilla.Perhaps the Alpha camera improvements and the Zeiss lenses will eventually put Xperia back on the map with a killer photography suite. With the headphone jack creating a welcome return, maybe the Xperia 1 II can outdo LG, another embattled former Android heavyweight, and become the telephone of choice for audiophiles.We'll know needless to say after we get the telephone in for review, but Sony needs something to justify charging anywhere close to $1,000 at a time when its rivals are at the head of their game.Sony needs its new flagship and the broader Xperia brand to be known for anything, in another way it'll just be remembered as yet an alternative Sony phone with an incredibly silly">

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