Xiaomi Fully Resolves Its Creepy Safety Cam Bug (Updated)

Xiaomi fully resolves its creepy protection cam bug (Updated)


Update, January 17, 2020 (12:05 PM ET): Yesterday, a Xiaomi spokesperson reached out to 9to5Google to verify it has fully resolved its recent Mi security camera bug that allowed a user to view safety footage from another person's device. The bug itself was patched the day after it was suggested, but now Google Assistant and Nest integration must also functionality as anticipated on Xiaomi's security cameras."At Xiaomi, we take user privacy and assistance safety as top precedence," the spokesperson told 9to5Google."We basically say sorry for any inconvenience caused for affected users. We will take even more advantageous measures to steer clear of such incidents sooner or later. "

Original Story, January 2, 2020 (01:41 PM ET): Those of us with smart home security cameras and smart displays know the standard routine: you assert "Hey Google, show me my porch camera" to your Google Nest Hub and then voila: the video feed appears.However, a Reddit user who owns a Google Nest Hub and some Xiaomi Mijia connected safety cams saw an unexpected result when appearing this action. Instead of seeing the camera feed they anticipated, they saw highly creepy feeds from other folks's homes. Some of the feeds even had people in them, including a napping man and an infant.

To make things even creepier, the unexpected feeds all appear in black and white with weird scan lines and other distortions. It's like they were taken directly out of a found photos horror film. Check out some examples from the Reddit thread linked to the problem:

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Now, it's completely possible that the Reddit user who uploaded these images is taking us for a ride. It wouldn't be too difficult to faux the photographs and videos we have seen connected to this problem. However, the proven fact that there is not being any benefit in doing so — in mixture with the rash of safety camera and smart home privacy issues we've seen these days — inclines us to agree with that these are legit.

If that's all of the case, though, then what's exactly happening here?We reached out to Xiaomi and Google to see if there are any possible reasons. Xiaomi has yet to reply, but a Google spokesperson got back to us pretty quickly with this commentary:

We're conscious about the difficulty and are in touch with Xiaomi to work on a fix. In the meantime, we're disabling Xiaomi integrations on our instruments.That's not a tacit admission that what this Reddit user sees on their Google Nest Hub is a real challenge or Xiaomi's fault, but Google likely wouldn't disable Xiaomi assist if it didn't have some kind of proof to suggest it's feasible.We will keep you up to date should any new counsel in this come to light.

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