Back in July 2012, we introduced that we'd be switching from the FTP protocol to Secure WebDAV for transferring files to Bigcommerce stores. We didn't do a superb job explaining the reasons for the switch, and for that we apologize.Basically, it means that you will be capable of upload images, videos, HTML pages and other files on your store securely.WebDAV adds faster speeds for transferring distinctive small-sized files — exactly the kind of transfers our merchants make most often.WebDAV supports file locking, meaning just one user at a time can modify a file. Each file is "checked out" so nobody can accidentally overwrite more moderen changes.

We recommend you utilize one of right here WebDAV consumers:

  • Cyberduck v4. 2. 1 (Windows and Mac) — Free client

  • Panic Transmit v4 (Mac only) — Paid client

  • BinaryNights ForkLift2 (Mac only) — Paid client

You can also connect on your store via WebDAV using Windows Explorer (for Windows users) or Finder (for Mac OS X users). However, we don't advocate you employ these consumers due to their poor and unreliable file move speeds and performance.Have questions about WebDAV and what it means for you?Check out our KnowledgeBase articles:

  • How do I attach to WebDAV?

  • WebDAV Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hopefully that delivers a stronger understanding of why we're making the switch to WebDAV and the way you'll use it.


Dated : 2021-02-02 00:52:36

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