Now that you understand how to sell on Amazon, fully have in mind the vast potential of tapping into Amazon's 304 million (and starting to be) active user base and you understand how to successfully market products to drive growth to your business.The why isn't in query.The only issue closing is how to make it work as part of your everyday enterprise operations from a real implementation and technical angle.Improving efficiency and output for our clients is what makes us so excited to exhibit our seamless answer for promoting on Amazon at once from BigCommerce.

With multi-channel retailing, one of the most typical issues has always been the logistics — keeping track of orders and inventory across distinct touchpoints with out bouncing among Excel and alternative program programs — all while trying to optimize each channel.Maintaining this kind of incompatible system is an enormous drain on your finite time and bandwidth.Beyond the inefficiencies, there are serious consequences when this patchwork solution unavoidably fails or introduces unnecessary errors.BigCommerce has built an answer so that you could concurrently scale your Amazon sales and ecommerce shop from one critical hub.Our seamless integration with Amazon permits you to list merchandise directly out of your BigCommerce Control Panel with out the aforementioned copying, pasting and merging of Excel spreadsheets and information exports across all your agency.

Plus, with our two-way stock sync, you will always have a correct snapshot of your entire inventory database — which updates in real-time."Pro

With Channel Manager, which you can manage product listings to your online store, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping and Pinterest.

Selling on Amazon with BigCommerce

Here is exactly how BigCommerce stores can be easily configured for selling on Amazon today.Our standards are broken out in 3 various subsections:

  1. Merchant Settings

  2. Store Settings

  3. Product Settings

Merchant Setting Requirements

To use our Amazon Integration within Channel Manager, it's a must to:

  • Have an Amazon Seller account on a Professional Selling plan. If you do not have one, check in at Amazon Seller Central.

  • Have a completely unique identifier (MPN or other standard ID) for items not already accessible in Amazon's catalog.

  • Have at least one image per product. The fundamental image of your product is named the "MAIN" image.

  • Enable Track Inventory by Product and have a stock level greater than zero on the way to at the start list. Amazon listings that run out of stock will show as "Out of Stock" on Amazon.

Store Setting Requirements

Your store's default foreign money must be USD.

You need to have transport to america enabled in your delivery settings.Currently, items can be listed only in these Amazon categories.Additional classes may be accessible in future updates."PRO

For a full list of requirements, visit our Knowledge Base article about Selling on Amazon.

How to Sell on Amazon with BigCommerce

1. The new product list.

Pick and judge which products are listed on your storefront and which are listed on Amazon.You can also manage product listings for all your other channels, like:

  • Facebook

  • eBay

  • Instagram

  • WordPress

The new product list aspects a Listed On column that shows you which channels a product is blanketed on, its present status (e. g. visible, pending or rejected), and any errors that may be combating the product from being protected on a particular channel.

When you check one or more items, the Bulk Actions menu appears in the end right of the product list, enabling you to edit, export, list, delete or hide items en masse.Managing listings.

How to create Amazon Listings:

Go to Products › View and click on Storefront › Create Listing next to the product you are looking to list on Amazon.Channels will set to Amazon. Select a Product Listing Category.By default, your new Amazon product listing will use an identical name, description, brand and value details your product has in your BigCommerce store.

Optionally, that you could override these to be specific to Amazon. These edits are just contemplated on Amazon. com – not on your BigCommerce store or other marketplace listings.Save your adjustments. Once saved, your product will show an Amazon status of Pending.

After your product has been effectively listed, its directory status will change from Pending to Active.New and up-to-date listings can soak up to half-hour to appear on Amazon.Images can take in to 24 hours to seem on Amazon.How to hide Amazon Listings:

  • To hide a product from Amazon, check the box next to it and select Hide products on channels from the Bulk Actions drop-down.

  • Check the box next to Amazon, then click Hide items.

3.Checking orders from Amazon.

Orders got from Amazon are listed on your Orders screen with an Amazon icon.Since billing is dealt with by Amazon, orders from Amazon come into your BigCommerce handle panel with the shipping address also listed as the billing address when searching at the increased order particulars.

Amazon does not come with the genuine email address of the purchaser.Instead, they share an instantly generated nameless email tackle.

Per Amazon's policy, this address is probably not used for advertising and marketing applications.Partial shipments for orders from Amazon aren't supported, so you will not be in a position to modify the quantity shipped when creating shipments for Amazon orders.Full and partial refunds are managed out of your Amazon Seller Central dashboard.Once your merchandise are listed on Amazon, the searching and checkout flows are controlled by Amazon.

If your providing is featured in the Buy Box, your business is listed as the shipper and seller.If your providing is not featured in the Buy Box, you may be listed as an "Other Seller. "

When a purchaser purchases one of your items, they'll get hold of an email affirmation from Amazon.All order emails are dealt with by Amazon.Your new Amazon order is introduced into your BigCommerce control panel, and they are shipped the same as you can some other order that comes in through your storefront.BigCommerce will update the order's status on Amazon when you create a cargo or change the order status.

Visit our Knowledge Base article about Selling on Amazon for Frequently Asked Questions and a complete breakdown of how to administer your Amazon listing."ADDITIONAL

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