free streaming amenities like Crackle, Tubi, and the Roku Channel — its new video-on-demand characteristic. Yesterday at CES 2020, Plex told us it isn't stopping there, and because of TechCrunch, we discovered a few more particulars about its upcoming approach.It's no secret Plex wants to be your all-in-one multimedia answer, and video-on-demand was a significant step in achieving that.To further this initiative, Plex plans to enforce even more streaming elements as early as this year. Some of these include subscription channels, rentals, or even deep linking to other streaming facilities.Related: The best media streaming gadgets you can purchase

This doesn't mean Plex's core commercial approach can be altering every time soon. You'll still be capable of host and organize your media collections. But soon, you'll have more ways to fill in the holes on your non-public library so that you would be able to watch what you want when you want.In theory, offering subscription channels could give users access to premium content material from the likes of HBO, ESPN, Showtime, etc.Plex has yet to verify respectable subscription partners, but giving users the capability to acquire subscriptions like these brings them one step towards slicing the cord.Plex also wants to offer users the capability to rent or buy movies and shows on the fly. This would be especially useful for content material users either don't have of their library, that is not provided by way of video-on-demand, and that isn't available by way of one of their future subscription channels.Deep linking functionality could doubtlessly fulfill that very same aim too. It could direct users to streaming services that host the content they are searching for. But for now, Plex will proceed to center around building up and assisting its video-on-demand carrier before it starts directing people to other facilities for content.

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"We are looking to have a essential mass of content obtainable before we've the deep linking features," Plex CEO Keith Valory told TechCrunch. "But if those deep-linking alternatives existing themselves earlier, we're also positive. If we can make a function relatively easy for users and that they love it, that is what we as an organization have always done. "

Unfortunately, all of this remains to be very much in the works. Plex has no specific release date for any of those facets, but we are still enthusiastic about what they could mean for the way forward for the platform.

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