Every few weeks we unlock new features and enhancements to your BigCommerce store. Here are some of the more interesting improvements that have rolled out recently or that may appear in your store over the arrival week.Quick View allows your shoppers to simply and easily get a more specific look at a product while not having to depart the page they're on. It's been proven that the less number of clicks a client has to make in finding the product they are searching for the higher a stores conversion rate might be.Automatic Product Review Email Reminders at the moment are sent to anyone that orders from your store asking them to study the product they've purchased.You can absolutely customise the e-mail, specify the number of days to attend before sending and ofcourse turn them off if you may like. We built this function as a result of we know that online stores with comments always perform much better than those that don't.This is phase one of our "Grow Your Business" advertising and marketing automation engine that we will be freeing over the next few months whose sole focus is to aid you drive more sales and augment income. Watch this space!

Import Preview Mode adds a step before a product import to let yo see what the import will impact, decreasing the number of errors on import for our larger merchants.Integration with Pixlr Express is a alternative for Picnik that's ending it's provider. This means there'll be no interruption with you being in a position to edit your product photos and images without delay on your BigCommerce control panel.WebDAV is an alternate way of connecting to your store's remote drive while not having to use an FTP application such as FileZilla.Supported by Dreamweaver, WebDAV is an effective way to attach to your store's template files at once via Finder (on a Mac) or Windows Explorer (on a PC). These settings can then be saved for straightforward drag-and-drop file transfers natively in your laptop laptop.


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