The trade industry is continually changing. In 2015 alone, Jet. com came on the scene –– a direct and well-funded competitor to Amazon. Amazon, on the other hand, introduced two new tasks –– LaunchPad and Handmade. And then, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all introduced partnerships with ecommerce answers like Bigcommerce –– aimed toward swiftly bringing true social commerce to buyers.And these were a couple of of the more potentially disruptive moves made this year.As dealers and ecommerce experts, we know that these industry innovations will soon just be business as usual, as the differentiators among what everyone knows as "trade" and "omnichannel" simply deplete. In other words, promoting in all channels –– i. e. executing on an omnichannel method –– will not be a technique, it will simply be how you run a a success company.

Selling in all channels is not a methodology. It is simply how you run a successful business.

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Over here at BigCommerce, we trust the fruition of this will likely begin to take hold in 2016. This is why we are working to unexpectedly and intelligently open up our backend capabilities to all major avid gamers and innovative teams within the trade space. But, to do that without problems, we need your help.We need online dealers willing to test new merchandise.We need online sellers inclined to be early adopters. We need online sellers inclined to seem to the long run, and be part of how its functionality is ultimately determined.
We need dealers inclined to seem to the future, and be a part of how its finally decided.

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We appreciate, too, that succeeding and staying prior to the curve isn't all about being on the bleeding edge. It's also critical to bounce back and better at enterprise as usual; such things as order processing, transport and success, and launching promotions and discounts always take pleasure in further innovation and improvement.These are core elements to our platform that we are seeking for to ever-enhance to ensure your company hums.In all, we want online sellers willing to be our beta testers. If interested –– if innovation and the future of trade piques your interest in anyway, shape or form –– then here is what you are looking to know concerning the program.We are seeking for Bigcommerce beta testers who will:

  • Become an authentic tester and work immediately with our expert product team, many of whom have sense working on merchandise produced by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Paypal and more.

  • Test new capability before anyone else gets access to it, giving their business the upper-hand in new and creative tools and tactics which will be rolled out throughout 2016 and 2017.

  • Provide influential, distinctive feedback that may shape present and future products.What you say won't only be taken into account, but might be a priority finding out factor in product capability and readiness for the Bigcommerce service provider pool as a whole.

  • Register interest in beta programs that matter to their enterprise. In other words, we can't force you to test every thing. We know you're already busy. Instead, we're shopping for online dealers who know which company annoyances they are looking to solve for most, and could register to assist us create essentially the most ideal answer on the market in categories including shipping, analytics, social trade and more.

If you're interested, but not yet sure if a beta software may be for you, know this: we've already been operating with tons of of Bigcommerce clients to just do this.Our integration with Square is one such example.
We needed this capability badly, so it was great to get early access.

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"The Square stock integration I got to beta test was a lifesaver. We needed this functionality badly, so it was great to get early access," said Steven Rhodes, dealing with member at BDG Custom Creations. "Working along with your team was really smooth and your aid team was really attentive to any issues encountered in the beta.The tools you picked to manage the beta and talk with us as testers were also really intuitive and user friendly. "

Register attention in Bigcommerce beta programs around the following areas of our product:

  • Storefront & Themes

  • Product Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Marketing & Conversion

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Checkout & Payments

  • •Shipping Solutions

  • Accounting

  • POS & Offline Selling

  • Social Media & Commerce

  • Marketplace Selling

  • B2B Features

If any of these cope with a particular company need or present issue for your store, we are looking to hear from you. To give you a bit more insight into courses already in flight, we've got a number of new pleasing betas in the pipeline for Q1, adding:

  • A absolutely new storefront and theme platform that may deliver the most effective themes and theme construction environment for sale today

  • Improved check-out functionality powered by the newest advances in conversion

  • Commerce integrations with top social networks –– Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter –– to sell on to billions of users

You can check in for the Bigcommerce beta application here. This application is just open to Bigcommerce customers.


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