Today, we're excited to announce BigCommerce Channel Manager, a new addition to our platform designed to help retailers grow sales while making multi-channel promoting easier than ever. Beginning this week, retailers will see a new ‘Channel Manager' menu in the sidebar navigation within the BigCommerce control panel. To get began, simply select it and follow the activates, after which you will see options to attach your store and begin promoting on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also sign in to be notified as we add assist for addition social channels, like eBay, which will be added later this year.

For retailers searching to attract new clients and grow sales through third-party sales channels, Channel Manager is designed to streamline workflows and permit you to test new channels efficaciously.For instance, today merchants can use Channel Manager to:

  • Discover and combine with superior third-party sales channels. With Channel Manager, retailers now have a single destination to discover and integrate with third-party sales channels at once within BigCommerce. Connecting to current channels or adding new ones requires a number of clicks.

    • Add a dedicated Shop part to your brand's Facebook page and begin showcasing items to more than 1 billion users all over the world.

    • Enable more than 100 million month-to-month active Pinners to acquire products directly on Pinterest using Buyable Pins.

  • Reach more customers across numerous channels. Native integrations with Facebook, Pinterest and best marketplaces (coming soon) allow retailers to impulsively amplify their knowledge reach to hundreds of thousands of shoppers. Seamless onboarding and catalog syncing means you can test the correct channel mix in your enterprise with out introducing pointless complexity or risk.

  • Remove limitations and unify channels. Channel Manager's integrated bulk export and stock syncing means retailers can avoid countless hours spent listing items on third-party sales channels by using product advice already stored in their BigCommerce catalogs.

Additional assistance about multi-channel promoting with Channel Manager are available here.

Why Channel Manager

Statistically speaking, there has never been a much better time to sell online. According to estimates from the U. S. Commerce Department, online sales during Q1 2016 approached $93 billion, a whopping 15% augment in comparison to an analogous period last year. This means ecommerce accounted for roughly 30% of all retail sales growth in the primary quarter after factoring for distinctiveness items (e., fuel, etc. ) not typically bought online.But capitalizing on this explosion in online sales is still complex, particularly for growing to be agencies searching for high-impact opportunities to augment market share. Recently, many BigCommerce customers have noted rising competitors brought on by new market entrants and renewed focus from larger gamers shopping to grow online sales. With so much noise in the industry, shooting potential customers' attention calls for brands find ways to make merchandise obtainable when and where consumers are looking to buy. Where there is demand, the organization wins.In a up to date blog post, industry analyst and author Brian Solis captured this sentiment saying, "Customers today are ‘accidental narcissists'…they've got lost persistence. We want things now. "

Because of this, selling online is not very nearly attracting customers to your online store. Online sellers are more and more faced with seeking to reach and convert clients wherever they are looking to shop, even if that be via their online store(s), actual retail, marketplaces, social selling structures or in other places. This proliferation of available sales channels has forced agents to believe new, unexpected stock and order management demanding situations in addition to to make challenging choices about opportunity costs associated with exploring talents new avenues to allure customers and grow sales."With purchases taking place across so a variety of channels — online stores, social networks, physical retail destinations and marketplaces — Channel Manager gives agents a comprehensive way to administer their entire online company," said Michael Burk, Senior Director of Product, BigCommerce."We created Channel Manager with the intent to assist retailers run their businesses more correctly and empower them with a complete assessment of their sales, allowing them to make changes to listings, pricing and availability in real-time. "

Additionally, as new sales channels are incorporated with Channel Manager, merchants can easily experiment to assess fit and customer demand with out the need for time-in depth, manual data entry or distinctiveness third-party directory tools.This is only the start. This summer, we'll be adding assist for additional channels as well as new functionality to Channel Manager to make adding and promoting on dissimilar channels seamless, including more control over customizing individual product listings.Stay tuned for more details in the arrival weeks or be happy to depart your questions in the comments.


Dated : 2021-01-24 11:52:36

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