Google Home Preview Program Update Bricks Some Devices (Update: Fix Is Here)

Google Home Preview Program update bricks some units (Update: Fix is here)

Android Police here observation:

We've resolved a server configuration issue that caused a small number of individuals to have trouble using their Google Home. A fix has been released and devices should get well with out action required from users.Judging from the observation, anyone with a malfunctioning Google Home product should see the update soon and have no issues going ahead.For more tips on the problem, proceed reading.Original article, January 27, 2020 (03:00 PM ET): If you own the normal Google Home and you are currently in the Preview Program, you might are looking to take caution with its latest update. According to several people on Reddit and on the Google forums, the latest Preview Program update seems to brick some people's devices.The first signs of the problem appear when the Google Home's LED indicator begins flashing orange, and it becomes unresponsive to the Hey/OK Google voice instructions. At this point, users have tried factory resetting the device, but in many cases, this makes the device completely undiscoverable on the network.

Though we do not know obviously what is going on, it feels like this issue stems from an unidentified error when the Google Home tries to reconnect to the user's saved Wi-Fi community. For some reason, the device cannot connect to the network, readily bricking the device.A similar issue came about to Google Home instruments last year, too, but affected units weren't restricted to Preview Program contributors. Unfortunately, there has been no fix for that certain error, and Google shipped substitute contraptions to affected users.Related: Google Home and Assistant commands – here's the ones you wish to know

How to (maybe) fix the issue

We do not know of any official patch at the present. At this point, the safest route is probably to sit this one out and wait until Google provides an legit fix.

But, if you do not want to wait around and you are looking to try to fix the device your self, a few people have had luck with right here method:

  • Disable your place Wi-Fi network to evade the Google Home from seeking to reconnect.

  • Unplug your Google Home, and plug it back in after a minute or so.

  • Factory reset your device. (Some people ought to try this step multiple times for it to work. )

  • Wait until it finishes booting. You can tell it's finished when the Google Home says there's no web connection, and the device should respond to your touch inputs.

  • Attempt to reconnect the Google Home to your Home app from nearby instruments.

  • Set up your Google Home as usual.

  • When it asks to attach to the cyber web, turn for your Wi-Fi network, and finish the setup system.

  • Repeat the entire method if necessary.

Be warned, as we said earlier, resetting the device has made the issue more severe in many cases. If you decide to try to fix this issue for your own, you may in fact make it worse than before.

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