When Bigcommerce introduced the hot Stencil Framework in December of last year, we began giving access to our design and developer partners in addition to select stores. In doing so, brands and design answer services were able to collaborate to build new sites within a framework that, as one beta tester put it, "gives theme builders the power and freedom the industry is determined for. "

Last week, up-and-coming dressmaker LaQuan Smith launched his new site in tandem along with his New York Fashion Week presentation –– effectively internet hosting the first actual "see now, buy now" trend show. This week, we are proud to introduce you to an alternative early access client, GolfEtail.GolfEtail decided to move their operations over from an alternative ecommerce platform in October of 2015.However, not wanting to disrupt their holiday sales, the team withheld pushing out a new design. Instead, Marc Ducey, president of the logo, used the time to engage with a Bigcommerce design and solutions companion, Diztinct. With the accomplice's help, the recent site introduced just last week.We had a chance to speak with Ducey about his experience switching platforms, why he made the Bigcommerce choice and the way his site is acting now –– right before the peak of golf shopping season begins.

Our optimal goal for choosing a new ecommerce platform was simple: augment revenue. As part of this, we felt three fundamentals areas were an absolute necessity: first, a continuing integration into ChannelAdvisor; secondly, business-level functionality; and thirdly, a high level of security and balance.Each of these were crucial elements in making the option to move to Bigcommerce.The balance of the location has dramatically better. We not wish to worry about third party functions impacting our site functionality. Bigcommerce manages this for us.Since we have only been live for a week, it'd be untimely to attract any long run conclusions, and we are still making refinements.With that that said, here's some anecdotal data that compares the week ahead of launch versus the week post launch:

  • Pages per session: up 13. 5%

  • Session Duration: up 21. 4%

  • Bounce Rate: down 5%

  • Number of things in basket: up 13. 6%

  • Transactions: up 12. 4%

  • Revenue: up 8.9%

Those are some extraordinary first numbers. How was it working with Diztinct?

We have worked with Diztinct for the past decade or so. Jeff Dyken, who owns Diztinct, has a keen eye, is aware our enterprise and focuses on consequences. He is a pro website developer.We looked at other other ecommerce systems that presented identical business-level flexibility and lines that Bigcommerce brings to market, but Bigcommerce far handed the others by providing a high level of balance in their integrations with their a number of apps and partners.Simply said, we don't wish to commit an IT team to making Bigcommerce work; Bigcommerce does that for us. In all, Bigcommerce brings us the enterprise level functionality and aid we need, which allows us to focus on what we do best: namely, sell golf equipment

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Dated : 2021-01-21 14:52:36

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